The most noticeable benefit of hiring Focus is that all things “freight related” are no longer the responsibility of any of your people. This frees up your employees to concentrate on their core purpose. It also provides the assurance that experts with comprehensive knowledge of rates, risk, and transit times are in charge of making the routing decisions. This will eliminate possible routing mistakes and the time that was consumed by the involvement of your internal staff. We distinguish ourselves from other providers with the depth of integration we achieve with each of our clients. At Focus, we go out of our way to interact with as many people within your organization so they know who we are and how to utilize our services. This ensures our effectiveness and our clients receive the full benefit of our resources.

We provide you with...

  • A fully staffed and resourced “Logistics Management Group” that will cut cost and deliver dollars to the bottom line.
  • Expert resources without internal overhead cost.
  • “CONTROL” that eliminates wasteful spending.
  • “Hands-on” logistics management for ALL freight activity.
  • A staff of professionals that are trained to support clients with management expertise 24/7.
  • Worldwide competitive freight rates.
  • Management of Supply Chain with measurable, continuous, improvement results.
  • Execution of best-cost and best-mode practices supporting increased inventory turns, cash flow, working capital and development of reliable transit for on-time delivery.

At Focus, we are committed to your corporate goals through savings of your freight spend.