At the heart of our service offering is the fact that we work for you – your interests truly become our interests. Because we are a non-asset based logistics manager (we don’t own trucks or warehouses), we have the flexibility to hire the best carrier to suit your needs as opposed to the asset based provider who may be interested in keeping their trucks full and warehouses busy. As your logistics provider we are focused on finding and hiring the right carrier to perform to your service requirements. No alliances – No strings attached!

We can help you...

Leverage Freight Rate Negotiations

The rates that are in place currently with your carriers may be the best your company can negotiate for your given volume. We add our volume to yours which allows the carriers to offer deeper discounts. Focus does not receive money in the form of rebates from any of our carriers. The rate Focus negotiates is exactly the amount you pay.

Establish, implement and Enforce Effective Supplier Routing Instructions

The benefit of compliance starts with directing the volume of shipments to the chosen carriers. This provides greater leverage, organizes tracking efforts and guarantees control.

Interact Daily with Operations to Minimize Normal and Premium Freight Costs

We are able to Save money and minimize cost because all shipping requests flow through our operations group. This funneling information allows us to identify possible consolidation and co loading opportunities that will allow us to fully utilize carrier equipment.

Coordinate International and Domestic Transportation

There is a great deal of knowledge and experience required to work within and manipulate transportation systems. Our staff, being proficient at both, can react to expedite final delivery without any further involvement from our clients.

Arrange Specialized Transportation Supporting your Unique Requirements

There is a wide variety of carriers and equipment to suit the many requirements that exist. Regardless of whether your unique requirement is necessary on every shipment or only one time a year – rest assured we have the knowledge and expertise to find, negotiate, hire and schedule the appropriate equipment.

Allocate Freight Costs in Compliance with your General Accepted Accounting Practices

All freight costs are presented to your accounting group in your format because we adopt your account coding standards. We go to great lengths to learn your account coding system and one of our true strengths, regardless of the complexity and detail of your current coding process, is our ability to accurately and promptly account code all freight activity.

Conduct Post Audits to Freight Bills Verifying Rate Accuracy and Shipment Legitimacy

All freight bills are audited and paid at the appropriate level. Post audits are also performed by your account supervisor and your account manager. This ensures both rate accuracy and Bill of Lading accuracy. This “legitimacy” review allows us to catch these BOL mistakes and correct them all as a part of our role in managing and minimizing your freight dollar spend.

Coordinate, Execute, Manage and Communicate All Expedite/Premium Transportation Activity

Focus goes to work immediately on every expedite/premium shipment. It is our responsibility to contact the supplier and collect the details of the shipment so the correct mode and carrier can be selected. We communicate the details of the shipment with cost and additional options to the client. Once approved we execute the shipment. Shipment updates are provided by e-mail and phone calls to all interested parties during the transit and when it is delivered we contact the interested party at the destination to let them know their shipment has arrived and who signed for it. We kid-glove the handling and communication of every expedite shipment “start to finish”. It is important to note that we will hire multiple carriers or blend modes in order to achieve a required delivery time at the lowest possible cost.

Carrier Management, Performance, Rate Refreshing, Tracking/Tracing, Claims Management

As a part of full service logistics management we manage all aspects of the carrier relationship.
We screen all carriers and brokers by requiring license, insurance, and safety information. Focus negotiates rates and constantly check the market to ensure that our clients are paying at or below market rates. We interact with the carrier to provide tracking information up front to our clients without requiring our clients to go to a website to track their own shipments. Focus also submits, tracks and provides follow-up on all freight claims.

Develop, Measure and Communicate Performance Measurement Results: Costs / Service / Savings

Focus produces fourteen standard reports that detail spend and savings. Spend is reported weekly and monthly by account and activity including premium costs with the details of the premium activity. At Focus, we know that measurements need to measure what is important to our clients. We are flexible and will create reports that measure what matters to you.